In this episode, I will be hosting Bryan Guerra. The latter is the Founder of Invert Media. He has expertise in eCommerce, Online Marketing, & Customer Acquisition.

What is Invert Media?

Invert Media is an Online Education Company that specializes in Information Products that accelerate the success of aspiring Entrepreneurs so they can live the lives they want.

Over to Bryan…

Bryan Guerra

1- How did you got started in your career?

Answer: Kind of just fell into it honestly. I was looking for a way to make money online while I was working a part-time job & putting myself through college. I tried everything to see what worked for me & what I was good at. Some of them stuck & moved in those directions.

2- What makes you passionate about marketing and entrepreneurship?

Answer: I love the challenge. It’s the most competitive sport in the world. I also love helping people by showing them what’s worked for me. Because a lot of the people I teach are in a similar position to where I was a few years ago when I started. I can relate to that.


3- How did you grow your skills over time?

Answer: Trial & Error. Learning, implementing, & adapting.

4- What do you do about negative commenters?

Answer: Ignore them. I used to get annoyed about them, but now I realize that those people are unhappy & that’s their warped way of venting.


5- how do you keep yourself motivated?

Answer: Set big goals & revisit them everyday

6- What are your success habits?

Answer: I keep my goals in front of me all the time so I’m reminded why I’m doing what I’m doing. I plan my day the night before too. That way I can wake up & know exactly what I need to get done. I put my most important things first, then do them in that order. I also think it’s important to eat healthy & workout (mind & body are synonymous).

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7- Who is your inspiration?

Answer: Other people who are where I want to be. I draw from a lot of different people.

8- Looking back, what would you do differently?

Answer: Start earlier. Period. I can only imagine if I started at 15, or 18, or even 21 with what I know now.

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9- What’s your advice to newbies and fresh grads?

Answer: Put yourself around people that are currently are where you want to be. If you have to join a group/mastermind, then do it. If you have to work for free for a year or two just to see how someone operates on a daily basis & draw from their expertise, do it. That education will be invaluable.

10- What’s your plan for the coming year? Is there any new project that you’re working on?

Answer: Continue to improve my two main info products for current customers.

11- How can people contact you?

Answer: Contact:
1-Youtube Channel

I would like to thank Bryan for this invaluable interview full of tips and pieces of advice to become successful.

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