In computer science, artificial intelligence(AI) is intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans and other animals.

We are still at the beginning of the AI era. In fact, worldwide giant techs like Google and Microsoft are considering taking a bigger step in AI but they are still cautious about the consequences. Examples of AI are Siri, Google search engine, recommendations like related videos, movies that you might like (it is part of AI and is called recommender System).

My journey with AI began 3 months ago, where I had no clue about AI. I searched for the internet and found out this:

I learned from this image that the road to AI is a very long way. In fact, become an AI developer is like choosing to become an engineer or a doctor, hence, you need to choose which type of AI developer you want to become, which will be detailed in one of my next articles later on. My favorite part is deep learning, especially for self-driving cars. These are the ways, in my point of view, that will help you achieve your dreams to become an AI developer without a degree:

1- Learn Python

Python is one if not the best language to develop artificial intelligence machines. It is easy to learn and understand since it is very close to the English language.

2- Linear Algebra

AI is not as easy as you think. In fact, it requires a deep understanding of arrays and matrices in order to teach and build your agent (AI machine).

You don’t need a degree to become proficient in linear algebra, these are some resources to help you learn, visualize and understand matrices and arrays:

There you can search for linear algebra and begin to learn.

P.S: Don’t get too deep into it, just grab the basics for now, after step3, if you still face some problems then go into more details.

3- Online Courses

Some helpful videos could be found for free
But I recommend buying courses from Udemy, Udacity and Lynda.

My favorite website is you can find everything you want about AI from total beginner to advance. What’s great about Udemy is that you can buy courses that are worth thousands of dollars in just as low as 10$ (always check for offers, I only buy when a 95% discount is available for all courses).

These are the courses that I highly recommend:

I have enjoyed both of the courses but the second link left a great impact. I now understand how really agents are being trained.

4- Laptop with a High GPU

AI needs lots of time to train, the faster your laptop the better. Tensorflow (Python library required for AI) runs either on CPU or GPU. When running using the latter, you get faster results, hence, if you’re serious about a career in AI, go get a super-fast pc.

Finally, I hope that this article helped you to understand more where you should begin your journey with AI.

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