Who doesn’t love to play games? (PUBG, FORTNITE, CSGO, CLASH ROYALE, etc…), what if you worked for the top gaming companies such as Blizzard, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts. Even better, what if one of these successful games were created by your team.

The journey to become an expert game developer is not short, but it is not difficult as well, you only need 2 things, passion and a PC of course.

This article will guide you through the top 10 inspiring people that made my life easier to land a job as a Unity 2D/3D game developer in less than 4 months.

Note that the order of the developers in this list is random, you can just pick any of them and begin your journey with game development.

1- jonathan Weinberger

Jonathan is a great teacher, he’s a self-taught developer and the author of the book “Learn Unity Programming with C#”.

Also, Jonathan partners with Unity to create an official game dev course.

He has many top-rated Udemy courses.
I would recommend:

“The Unity C# Survival Guide”:

“The Ultimate Guide to Game Development with Unity 2019”

2-Alexander Zotov

Zotov is a great developer also, his youtube channel consists of small and straight to the point videos that teach you great things about 2D.

He always replies to your message whenever you need help.

You can subscribe to his cool channel here

3-Mammoth Interactive and john Bura

One of my favorite Udemy courses, I have never regretted a dollar spent on their courses. Learning at Mammoth Interactive can be your next step to improving your career & life.

I would recommend these 2 courses:

This 118 hours course will take you from zero to hero in Unity and Blender (3D models) “Build a Battle Royale and an RPG in Unity and Blender”

If you’re interested in Virtual Reality games, which, in my opinion, will dominate the gaming industry in a couple of years, so be prepared from now and buy this course as soon as possible “Build 30 Mino Virtual Reality Games in Unity 3D from Scratch”

4- Samuel Arminina

Samuel is a great and inspiring friend. He’s always happy and ready to help you whenever you need him.
He started coding when he was 12 years old. Sam has created and self-published many successful game modifications and games on Steam and another marketplace. He’s currently creating his own development contracting studio. Besides, he will begin an internship program at EA Sports this summer (2019)

You can find his work on Linkedin

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5-Sloan Kelly

Sloan is a talented Unity developer. His youtube channel contains game development exercises, tutorials, tips and tricks, and challenges (for lack of a better word) that lean heavily on programming.

You can subscribe to his channel here:

6-Vladimir Limarchenko

I was wondering how card games, like Hearthstone, were made with Unity and how does it work.

This exciting and attractive Udemy course “Learn to code trading card game battle system with unity3d” made everything clear about card games.

Vladimir is an ambitious and talented game developer on a mission to make interesting 2D games with new and innovative game mechanics for PC and mobile devices.

7- Tim Ruswick

Tim makes all the things he does special as he connects passion, purpose to the heart.

Tim’s youtube channel provides you with highly valuable game development tips that will help you in your career.


Simply THE BEST.

One of my favorite Unity youtube channels, you can count on Brackeys and learn everything from A-Z about Unity.

Follow Asbjorn Thirslund’s Brackeys channel and you won’t regret it


Another great channel.
Sykoo’s channel focuses more on game design and graphics rather than how to create a game from 0.

You can find helpful tutorials in Sam’s channel, in which he builds a game from scratch.

Combining Sykoo and Brackeys videos will make you one heck of a game developer.

10- Game institute (Gary and Darren Simmons)

Save the best for the last, this one course: “Build your own first-person shooter/ survival game with Unity” took me from intermediate to the expert game developer. This course opened many opportunities for me in the gaming industry.

Gary and Darren Simmons, two brothers who share the same passion for game development created this outstanding course on Udemy. I would’ve bought it for thousands of dollars without any regret.

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Bonus:11- Glauco Pires

In 2 words: “Legendary Developer”.
With a lifetime passion for games and over half a decade of programming and management experience, he is responsible for overseeing the work being done by multi-disciplinary development teams and acting as a mentor for low-level programmers. Over the years, he earned project management and development certifications, like Microsoft Specialist: Programming in C# specialist, Certified ScrumMaster (CSM), and Project Manager Professional (PMP).

You can find his portfolio in this well made website


I hope this article helps at least 1 person to begin his/her journey in the game development industry. This list will surely be a great reference and guide throughout your career.

The number one rule to succeed and find a job easily as a Unity game developer is to persevere by coding every day at least for 10 minutes.

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